What the Parents say

Here is some of the feedback we have received from the parents who have been helped.

"I will always recommend your company to other people who face the same situation as I did. Your service was absolutely great and unique! Especially in Germany, where I live, many women do not know yet, that is it possible to order from you (via Cryos Denmark!) as I did. I will spread the knowledge, because having a child is the biggest gift we can receive in life, and in Germany, according to the strict laws, it is especially hard for single women."

"Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have a baby with a little help from one of your donors!"

"You have been so very informative and helpful. Thank you for all of your efforts, and for always making me feel comfortable."

"You guys rock! I love how you all always find a way to get things done."

 "I had no idea what to expect when purchasing sperm. You made it so easy for me and I really appreciate the time your staff members spent answering my questions." 

"I love how I can download all of your donor information without paying for it. It really makes the process of selecting a donor very easy."

"I'm pregnant! You have been so supportive during this process that I cannot thank you enough. Your flexibility of working with me after hours and answering my emails on the weekends has been awesome."

"Thanks so much for all your help with this process. We appreciate it! You have made this journey much more tolerable!"

"Thank you, Cryos NY, for your support and helping us create our dream family. And, thank you for your wonderful service!"

“I feel much more comfortable about this process after talking to you. You’ve answered every question I could possibly think of about buying donor sperm.”

“Speaking with your staff has been so informative—I never realized how much I had to learn! Thanks for all your help.”

"Honestly, I had no idea what to expect when banking sperm. After talking with the staff at Cryos, I feel extremely comfortable with this process."

"It's great that you do so much medical testing on your donors—I really feel safe choosing from these guys."

"I'm so happy—we have a three-month old from one of your donors and she's the most beautiful baby in the world. I really couldn't be any more pleased than I am right now!"

"It's so nice that you provide the syringes for home insemination. I was getting so stressed choosing a kit to buy, now I have one less thing to worry about."

"Everyone at Cryos went above and beyond to accommodate my needs—when I heard that my order was on its way, it was literally the best news I could have heard!"

"I am so impressed with all of the information you provide about your donors on your website—I haven't seen that anywhere else!"

“We both wanted to thank you so much for all of your help over the past few months. It made our life and choices much easier having you on the other end of an email of phone call. We know it’s your job, but we really feel you went that extra mile!” 

“I cannot express my gratitude enough towards the staff at Cryos NY! Everyone was very informative and caring through the whole process. I couldn't imagine having better people accompany me through the journey to motherhood. I highly recommend them to anyone I know of who is going the donor route. They've absolutely made my dreams come true and I am looking forward to using them in the future!!” 

“When I first started this process, I didn’t know anything about fertility. I’ve learned so much from the staff at Cryos New York, they were always willing to take the time to walk me through everything each step of the way.” 

“It felt like I was talking to my best friend. It might sound silly, but I love how comfortable the staff made me feel talking about SPERM!” 

“You have been so understanding throughout this entire process; this is why I always recommend you to all of our friends.” 

“I love that you don’t charge extra for every little thing. It’s so frustrating when you think the price is going to be one thing, and suddenly you’re paying for a million extras you didn’t know about. Your pricing is so straightforward and clear; I really appreciate it.” 

“You’re the only bank I could find that sells specimens based on quality. It’s really reassuring having that guarantee.” 

“I never thought this could happen for me, but Cryos New York made it possible. I know every mom says this, but I have the cutest baby ever!”

"We are happy as can be;-)!  Thx again for helping us in this whole process. It is still amazing."

"I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at both Cryos both in New York and Aarhus for their sensitivity, professionalism and help in guiding us every step of the way so that we now have two beautiful little girls."

"Thank you for helping me to acheive the role of a mother, my son is the best gift I have ever received, and I feel very lucky to have him in my life."

"Please accept my many thanks and warm wishes for all you and the donor have done for me. I am so grateful for your service and thank you with the fullness of my heart."

"I could not have wished for more beautiful kids. They are the best thing that ever happened to me."

" ... and today i have a daughter!!! I would like to thank you with all my heart for this miracle."

"Dear Cryos team, I am so happy to let you know I have recently gave birth to a perfect baby. His daddy and I are more than enthusiastic about this fantastic happening in our lives, after many years of trials in vain. Thank you for being there for us"

"we have a 3 year old daughter and another little angel came along 7 weeks ago, so thanks to Cryos, we are now blessed with to daughters."

" … today i have a daughter!!! I would like to thank you with all my heart for this miracle."

"Thank you very much again, for your gift."

"Thanks in advance for your kind help and keep up the good work with your sperm bank! We are really happy you made us the proud parents of our son ..."