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Reservations of Donor Semen

Cryos NY offers its clients the opportunity to reserve donor semen for future inseminations. Depending on the donor as well as how many children you wish to conceive, it may make sense to reserve donor semen at the time of your first purchase. Reserving donor semen guarantees that you will have donor semen from your specific donor for your future inseminations. Below are some reasons why it may make sense to reserve donor semen:

  • Donor Discontinued: Donor discontinued means that the donor is no longer donating with Cryos NY. There are many reasons as to why a donor may discontinue such as the donor no longer lives in New York City, they got married, they no longer have time to donate, etc.

  • 100% Genetic Siblings: Having children with the same donor makes the children 100% genetic siblings.

  • Successful Pregnancies: If you have conceived with this donor before, your chances of pregnancy may be higher with this donor as opposed to choosing another donor.   

In order to avoid no longer being able to use your desired donor, it is recommended to make a reservation of additional straws when you place your first order or when your pregnancy has been confirmed. You can reserve donor semen online through our Donor Search. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process of selcting quality, quantity and storage period. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions about Reservations by clicking here.

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