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"You guys rock! I love how you all always find a way to get things done." - Rebecca, Florida

 "I had no idea what to expect when purchasing sperm. You made it so easy for me and I really appreciate the time your staff members spent answering my questions." - Nicole, California

"I love how I can download all of your donor information without paying for it. It really makes the process of selecting a donor very easy." - Jennifer, Indiana

"I'm pregnant! You have been so supportive during this process that I cannot thank you enough. Your flexibility of working with me after hours and answering my emails on the weekends has been awesome." - Erin, Wisconsin

"Thanks so much for all your help with this process. We appreciate it! You have made this journey much more tolerable!" - Katherine, New York

"I will always recommend your company to other people who face the same situation as I did. Your service was absolutely great and unique! Especially in Germany, where I live, many women do not know yet, that is it possible to order from you (via Cryos Denmark!) as I did. I will spread the knowledge, because having a child is the biggest gift we can receive in life, and in Germany, according to the strict laws, it is especially hard for single women." - Jessica, Germany

"Thank you, Cryos NY, for your support and helping us create our dream family. And, thank you for your wonderful service!" - Jennifer, Michigan


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