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Below are some frequently asked questions about becoming a Cryos NY donor. 

  • What is your donor criteria?

    Be between 18 and 39
    Have at least a college/vocational education (or pursuing a higher education)
    Live a healthy lifestyle

  • Do I need to live in the NY Metropolitan area?

    Yes. Donors accepted into the Cryos NY Donor Program are required to be able to visit our office in New York City at least twice per week. Cryos NY cannot accept donors that live outside of the NY Metropolitan area.

  • What happens at the first visit?

    At your first visit, you will be asked to review and sign our Donor Contract as well as donate your first sample. The following day we will contact you to discuss the quality of the specimen. We suggest that you not be discouraged if your first sample is not a good quality. There are many factors that can impact the quality of semen including stress, hydration, sexual activity, etc. We will ask you to come back and donate another two samples. If at the third sample the quality of your specimen does not meet the Cryos Standard, we will have to reject your application.

  • Are donors compensated?

    Cryos NY donors are compensated.

  • How do I produce the best possible sample?

    To provide good quality specimens, we suggest that you refrain from sexual activity, heavy drinking of alcohol, and smoking for at least 48 hours prior to donating. Our donors have commented that good hydration has improved their specimen quality as well.

The Cryos Standard looks at the motility of your sperm (how well your sperm swims), your sperm count, your family and personal medical histories, and your psychological outlook among other aspects. You must be able to visit our office in the New York Financial District no less than once a week. Our hours for donations are between 8 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We require a minimum of a one-year commitment.

You must be able to supply us with in-depth medical histories from both sides of your biological family. You need to have no on-going or chronic health issues. Federal, state and international health regulations require us to reject applicants who have ever been exposed to, or infected with, the following: hepatitis B and/or C; HIV; HTLV; genital herpes; genital warts; syphilis.

Once accepted, you will need to visit our office at least twice a week. You will be paid for the first time after you have donated 10 usable samples. As an approved donor you will need to give us a blood test every three months, and you will receive an annual physical examination for as long as you remain an active donor. (These procedures are free to you.)

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